Super Hero Autobots is a new episode of Season 1.


A goo falls on the Autobots while Fixit tries help Denny Clay to get a piece of scrap down from an isle shelf. This results in them getting super-powers. Bee has the ability to fly and can fire energy balls that sting real bad, Sideswipe gets super-speed, Strongarm can shoot lasers from her eyes, Grimlock has super strength, Drift can become invisible, Jetstorm and Slipstream can summon Super Samurai moves, Fixit is super smart, Optimus can levitate things with his mind and Windblade can see really far. Together, they become superheroes and help others with their new super-powers. But soon enough, Swelter and Glacius appear and the Autobots' new powers soon wear off. But they are able to defeat the two Mini-Cons without them.


(Morning, Crown City Scrapyard, 7:00 AM)

Denny Clay: (straining)
Fixit: Hello, Denny Clay. Need some help?
Denny Clay: Oh, sure.
Fixit: (straining)
Bumblebee: Hi, guys. Uh, Fixit? That doesn't look safe.
Fixit: (straining) I... Know... What I'm doing!

(Fixit barely reaches it, falls and tumbles to the ground followed a jug which smashes and covers the Autobots with goo)

Bumblebee: Ew! Fixit! Look what you did!
Fixit: Sorry! I didn't mean to! It just fell!
Bumblebee: Come on! We've gotta go clean this off.

(Later on, Bee starts to feel woozy)

Bumblebee: (groaning) Oh, my head.