Sideswipe and Bumblebee pretend to be Spy Bots. But can they succeed in sneaking around the scrapyard without being seen?


(Daytime, Crown City Scrapyard)

(Bumblebee and Sideswipe peak out from behind piles of scrap. They see Strongarn and split up. Bumblebee activates his COMM. Link)

Bumblebee: Bumblebee to Sideswipe. I see Strongarm. Do you read me? Over.

Sideswipe: (turns on his COMM. Link) Sideswipe to Bumblebee. I read you loud and clear.

Bumblebee: Copy that, Sideswipe. You didn't say "Over". Over.

Sideswipe: (sighs) Over.

Bumblebee: Much better. Now, our mission is to sneak past Strongarm's guards and get to the Alchemor to retrieve my Decepticon Hunter. Over.

Sideswipe: You mean, your Super Duper Spy Blaster. Over.

Bumblebee: Oh, yeah. And retrieve my Super Duper Spy Blaster without being seen. Over.

Sideswipe: (gasps) Without being seen? Over.

Bumblebee: That's right, Sideswipe. Prepare for Operation: Invisible. Over.

Sideswipe: Got it. Over and out.

(The two Autobots deactivate their COMMs and tip toe after Strongarm)

Bumblebee: Careful, Sideswipe. One wrong move and she'll see us.