Bumblebee: I can't believe we actually gathered this many 'Cons.

Sideswipe: Yeah. Me too.

Russell Clay: [in distance] Huston, This is Captain Space Dust requesting permission for launch.

Bumblebee: What is going on over there?

[the Autobots run to the scene. When they round the corner, they see Russell Clay sitting in a large cardboard spaceship]

Bumblebee: Hey, Russell. Did you build that yourself?

Russell: You bet. With a little help from my dad.

Denny Clay: Hi, guys.

Jetstorm: Most carefully built.

Slipstream: Indeed.

Sideswipe: Are you playing Astronauts?

Russell: Yep.

Sideswipe: So cool. Can I join in?

Russell: Sure, Sideswipe.