Slipstream and the Power of Imagination is an episode.


Sideswipe teaches Slipstream about the power of imagination. But when Thunderhoof and Flich escape their pods, Slipstream uses this advantage and uses the power of the Decepticons' imaginations against them.


(Opening, Daytime, Crown City Scrapyard, 5:00 AM)

Jetstorm: Get up, Slipstream!

(Slipstream doesn't wake up)

Jetstorm: Slipstream, I said get up!

(Slipstream still doesn't wake up)

Sideswipe: (groans) GET UP!!

(Sideswipe kicks Slipstream off the birth and onto the ground. Slipstream then wakes up)

Slipstream: What? I was awake!

Sideswipe: You've got to stop oversleeping, Slipstream! You've gotta be up bright and early!

(A few hours later, Russell Clay and the Autobots are watching a movie. Slipstream suddenly hears Sideswipe talking)

Sideswipe: Take that, you overgrown tin-can! Because the only thing you'll be burning is in a furnace!

(Slipstream nudges Bumblebee)

Slipstream: What is he doing?

Bumblebee: Its called playing pretend, Slipstream. Using your imagination. You know, for fun.

Slipstream: Whoa! You are quite powerful!

(Meanwhile, Thunderhoof's stasis pod loses power and he is freed)

Thunderhoof: (sighs) Finally. I can stretch.

(He suddenly hears a noise)

Thunderhoof: Who's there? If you're a fellow Decepticon, then join me and we can escape to freedom together!

(Flich's stasis pod opens and she is flung out)

Flich: (groans) Never a soft landing around when you need one.

Thunderhoof: Whoa! (approaches her) I'm Thunderhoof! In case you haven't heard, I ran some of the biggest criminal enterprises on Cybertron. And you are?

Flich: Flich. I collect shiny things. When I see it, I snatch it. Nice to meet you, Thunderhoof.

Thunderhoof: Look, crow lady. If you want to remain free, you stick with me.

Flich: Okay.

(They leave the scrapyard. Meanwhile, Sideswipe is showing Slipstream how to use his imagination)

Bumblebee: See?